Ann and Charles Scott live in Monteagle, Tennessee

For over sixty years the North “A” congregation supported Charles and Ann Scott financially and spiritually in domestic and foreign mission efforts in Pennsylvania and Maryland and in West Africa and Central Asia. Over the years Charles Scott recruited many other preachers to join him in short-term mission trips to India. Charles shared the gospel and planted congregations in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), and Nepal.

Paul Cooper suit

For about thirty years the congregation supported fruitful gospel efforts in Kakinada, India. During that time several North “A” elders visited India, including Thane Akins, Paul Cooper, Mike Fowler, and Scott Harris. Within the past decade North “A” ceded “Church Square” property that we owned in Kakinada to our brothers and sisters in India as we transitioned our foreign mission focMexico Cityus to Mexico.

North “A” presently has fellowship in the

evangelistic work of Lalo and Jamie Rocha as they share the gospel in Mexico City.

Iglesia de Cristo Metropolitano

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