Daily Bible

 read the Bible every day  We  are encouraging the practice of daily Bible reading. In May-December of 2019 we will follow a reading plan that includes the Psalms, Proverbs, and the whole New Testament.  

Get a copy of the May-December reading plan. Hard copies are available at our church office and at all church assemblies.

link to The Message on Biblegateway.com

 current readings

Aug. 10th

Matthew 27

Aug. 11th

Matthew 28

Aug. 12th

Psalm 79-80

Aug. 13th

Psalm 81-83

Aug. 14th

Romans 1

Aug. 15th

Romans 2

Aug. 16th

Romans 3

Aug. 17th

Psalms 84-85

Aug. 18th

Psalms 86-88

Aug. 19th

Romans 4

Aug. 20th

Romans 5

Aug. 21st

Romans 6

Aug. 22nd

Romans 7

Aug. 23rd

Romans 8

Aug. 24th

Psalm 89

Aug. 25th

Proverbs 20

Aug. 26th

Psalms 90-91

Aug. 27th

Romans 9

Aug. 28th

Romans 10

Aug. 29th

Romans 11

Aug. 30th

Psalms 92-93

Aug. 31st

Psalm 94


Sep. 1st

Psalms 95-96

Sep. 2nd

Romans 12

Sep. 3rd

Romans 13

Sep. 4th

Romans 14

Sep. 5th

Romans 15

Sep. 6th

Romans 16

Sep. 7th

Psalms 97-98

Sep. 8th

Proverbs 21

Sep. 9th

Psalms 99-102

Sep. 10th

1 Corinthians 1

Sep. 11th

1 Corinthians 2

Sep. 12th

1 Corinthians 3

Sep. 13th

Psalm 103

Sep. 14th

1 Corinthians 4

Sep. 15th

1 Corinthians 5