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NA aud glass 1Address    505 San Angelo St., Midland, Tx   79701

Phone   432-682-8653       

Office e-mail

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  2. Lauren Holmsley says:

    I am wondering if you all offer celebrate recovery and if so what day and time?

  3. Lacey Greeson says:

    I am interested in joining this church when I move to Midland next month. Im just curious what the atmosphere is like there. Is it a friendly environment that is open to newcomers? I am 25 and single and hoping to find the right church for me. To feel like it is home and without feeling like an outcast as a new person coming alone. Thanks for any info!

  4. Hello, Lacey. Visitors consistently tell us that they find North “A” to be a welcoming group. We look forward to having you meet with us and allowing us the opportunity to get to know you and to help you as you seek your place of service among God’s people in Midland. Please call our church office (432-682-8653) if there is some way that we can assist you as you get settled in our city.

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